Executive Management

Dennis Sebenick

Dennis L. Sebenick, CPS President and CEO of S.E.B. Enterprises, Inc

Dennis L. Sebenick is the President and founder of Custom Protective Services, which began operating in 1989.

Mr. Sebenick is a retired 30-year veteran sergeant of the Los Angeles Police Department with numerous accommodations from both the private and public sector. He has an extensive background in criminology, executive protection and all facets of security services and has successfully designed and implemented personal security for CEO's, royal families, dignitaries and celebrities.

Mr. Sebenick holds a degree in criminology and has received training in the field of executive protection from the following nationally and worldwide respected organizations: Executive Protection Institute; Conflict Consultants Inc.; Police International Inc.; J. Mattman & Associates; and Rand Corporation/Counter Terrorist Training.

Mr. Sebenick has distinguished himself as an executive protection instructor and speaker and has trained agents in techniques of risk reduction, intelligence gathering, anti-terrorism tactics, aircraft and vehicle security, and emergency medical care.

Jason Thorsett

Jason E. Thorsett, CPS Director of Operations, Board Member of S.E.B. Enterprises, Inc, and President of Custom Protective Services of Nevada, LLC

Jason E. Thorsett was appointed CPS Director of Operations in 2003 and Director of the Board for S.E.B. Enterprises, Inc in January of 2008.

Mr. Thorsett began his career with Custom Protective Services in 1994 as a part-time security agent and since then has grown with the company to his current position. For the past 10 years, Jason has organized and served as team leader on numerous domestic and international protection details. He has demonstrated exceptional diplomacy as a liaison between Custom Protective Services and various law enforcement and security agencies.

Mr. Thorsett is a graduate of the prestigious Executive Protection Institute in Berryville VA. He holds a certification in tactical driving and concealed weapon permits in multiple states with Top Gun status.

Mr. Thorsett is a member and award recipient of the Nine Lives Association. He received a commendation from the Gretna Police Department for his performance and help in securing the city during the Louisiana Katrina crisis.

Antonio Guevara

Antonio Guevara, Deputy Director of Operations

Antonio Guevara is the Deputy Director of Operations of Custom Protective Services.

Because of Mr. Guevara's superior judgement in crisis management, de-escalation skills, and excellence in providing services to our clients, he was promoted to Deputy Director of Operations in 2007. With 12 years in the security industry and a broad range of experience in personal protection and property security, Mr. Guevara assists the Director of Operation in training Account Mangers and oversees field operations in Southern California and Arizona.

Mr. Guevara has completed the following protection training programs: Executive Protection Agent’s Training Course, The Steele Foundation; Emergency Vehicle Operations and Vehicle Dynamics, Stockton PD; and Executive Protection Tactics, C.D.T. Non-Deadly Force Techniques. He holds concealed weapon permits in multiple states.

Mr. Guevara is the receipient of the Motion Picture Association of America Anti-Camcording reward and the National Association of Theatre Owners Anti-Piracy reward.

Aleda Sebenick

Aleda Sebenick, Assistant to the President, Corporate Compliance Officer, and Secretary of S.E.B. Enterprises, Inc

Aleda Sebenick is the Director of Compliance for Custom Protective Services.

In addition to her role as the Assistant to the President and corporate management, Ms. Sebenick is responsible for the development, implementation, and the administration of Custom Protective Services' training and compliance programs.

Ms. Sebenick also serves on the CALSAGA Board of Directors.

Ms. Sebenick holds a BA in Education from Western Washington University, and an MA in Education from Arizona State University.